Kristin Case has over 20 years of expertise in designing, implementing and improving quality management systems.  She formed CaseConsults as a sole proprietorship in 2001.  It has grown from a part-time consulting practice into a menu-driven selection of services designed to help organizations efficiently implement or improve their quality management systems.  

Kristin’s direct (blunt) communication style is tempered by a wit strong enough to make ISO 9001 less-than-miserable.  When she was elected as an ASQ Fellow, her citation read:

“For contributions, leadership, and service to ASQ at the local, regional, and national level; for work as a practitioner, consultant, presenter, and educator; for bringing clarity and fun to the design, implementation and improvement of quality management systems for the manufacturing, service, and aerospace industries.”

The exact number of times “fun” has been used in an ASQ Fellow citation is unknown, but likely just once.

A second-generation industrial engineer, quality professional, and educator, Case is a frequent speaker at regional, national, and international quality conferences.  Additionally, she has prepared and taught courses relating to ISO 9001 and quality management systems at

  • Tulsa Technology Center,

  • Tulsa Community College, and

  • Oklahoma State University.

Case believes in giving back to her community and her profession.  

Ut Prosim.  

She has served in a multitude of elected and appointed volunteer positions, including

Kristin Case, PE

Kristin Case, PE